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We are supplier for Non-Woven Felt products in China, both for pressed wool felt and needle felt, as well as felt processed goods. 

Our Pressed Wool Felt is mainly for industry usage.

Anti-Squeak, Felt's resilient nature make it a perfect choice for anti-squeak and other metal on metal applications. 

Filter, Voids in the felt material trap and hold particulate matter extremely well, while withstanding long term exposure to water, oil and chemicals,  it usually use for air filter.

Insulating, Wool fibers and the felting process naturally hold in heat and absorb water, it usually use as seals and gaskets.

Lubricating, Voids in the material act as reservoirs and pass liquids through in a predictable, consistent manner, it usually use in machinery.

Polishing, Felt holds fine particles well and maintains its integrity through wear, it usually for marble, steel and glass polishing.

Our pressed wool felt standard size is 100*100cm/Sheet, thickness is from 1mm to 70mm, density from 0.20g/cm3~0.70g/cm3, and if you need special size, pls check with us first.

Our Needle Felt are as follows,

Wool felt, (100% wool or blend wool)

Polyester felt (100% PES)

Acrylic felt (100% Acrylic)

Endless felt (blend felt, usually use in leather,  steel, aluminium industry)

Our needle felt is mainly for application of automotive, architectural, furniture, die cuting

Our needle line max width is 400cm,  and after our technological improvement, it has strong texture for industry usage.



Contact: Mike Jia

Phone: 86-18630177698

E-mail: info@hbdika.com

Add: 30-1-202,Binhexincheng, Binhe Street, Qiaoxi Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei China.

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