Material: 100% wool
Size: Dia 5 inch
Thickness: 5mm
Density: 0.42g/cm3
Mini order: 500pcs

The felt wheel production technique is different with the industry plane felt, it is close formation, small pore space, it isn't limited by the latitude and longitude such as fabric, it has good wear-resisting, is the best material to polish wooden article, jewelry,  glass, stainless steel etc.....

How to choose the felt wheel: According to polished article to choose suitable density, thickness and size felt wheel.

Felt wheel characteristic is not each kind of specification product has, for example, oversize density felt wheel will lose the elasticity, the lower density felt wheel will lose Abrasive resistance, the wool thickness thin is also influential, can choose one according to the practical application.

Mainly used in polishing of the precision instrument, the medical instrument, the glass products, the special machine parts, the cutting tool, Stainless steel, jade, marble etc

5 INCH WOOL FELT FLAP DISC0.42g/cm3~0.55g/cm35mm Thickness*Dia 5inch
This 5 inch Wool Felt Flap Disc fit for grinding machine panel dia125mm.



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