100% Pressed Chinese Industry Wool Felt

Material: 100% Chinese wool
Thickness: 1~50mm
Density: 0.25~0.50g/cm3
Standard Size: 1000*1000mm/pc

Pressed wool felt is made via an intricate process. Fibers are worked together by pressure, moisture, and vibration, then carded and cross-lapped to make multiple layers of material. The ultimate thickness and density of the material determines the amount of layers that are then steamed, wetted, pressed and hardened.

100% pressed Chinese Wool Felt has tight texture and small opening, with smooth hand feeling, white color, plain and clean surface, high cross force, not easy loose deformation. Wool felt are elastic, acid-resistance, wear resistance, it is the best eco-friendly material for shockproof, dust proof, felt pad, polishing, seals liner, oil seals, insulation, sound insulation, and sound absorption. 

Compared to the Australian wool felt, 100% Chinese wool felt is the economy way for your choice. Resonable price and the quality can meet most customer's demand, that explains why more and more people like it.

It can be used for many industries, such as  electric appliance, electric wire, textile, spare parts of particular machinery, stainless steel polishing, marble polishing and so on.


Chinese Wool Felt100% wool2-40mm
100% wool





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